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al2430-2ph New Classroom Security & Sound Reinforcement System

The Atlas Learn AL2430 system is an in-classroom sound reinforcement solution designed for K-12 and higher education facilities or where a room constrained public address system is required. This complete audio package consists of amplifier/receiver, wireless microphones, and docking station. Together they enable teachers and students to walk freely around the room with the infrared microphones/system control units and project their voices through installed speakers.

With even sound distribution, lessons can be heard easily no matter where students are seated. By reinforcing sound within the classroom you not only raise student’s attention and concentration, but teachers no longer need to strain their voice and can easily integrate with multimedia teaching tools such as computers and DVD players by controlling audio from a single source. In addition, priority paging and emergency notification allows you to inform other locations of the need for outside assistance.

al2430 Pendant ir Transmitter

The versatile and ergonomic AL2430 pendant/handheld microphone transmitter allows both teachers and students to move freely without bulky electronics or annoying wires. The dual mode transmitter allows teachers to control microphone volume, overall system volume and mute settings with side mounted soft touch controls. In addition, when “PANIC” and “MODE” controls are pressed simultaneously a contact closure is triggered on the AL2430 receiver which may be integrated with most any intercom or IP based notification system to signal an emergency condition in the classroom. The transmitter can also be configured for “student” mode operation so that all controls are bypassed.

al2430 Integrated Receiver/Amplifier

The compact, ergonomically designed AL2430 receiver/amplifier provides intuitive control of all system components. It is equipped with several inputs in order to accommodate most any multimedia source, eliminating the need for dedicated AV systems and saving you valuable space in the classroom.

Microphone Charging Station

AL2430 charging station includes a dock section to charge two pendant transmitters and four AA rechargeable batteries simultaneously. The unit may be wall mounted via integral key hole slots or shelf mounted for easy accessibility.

Infrared Dome Sensors

Up to three infrared dome sensors may be used with the AL2430 receiver/amplifier (two are included with the system) along with two 10 meter sections of UL listed coaxial cable terminated with professional “F” connectors.

Available System Configurations



Includes: two Pendant / Handheld Transmitters, Charging Station, Receiver/Amplifier, two IR Receiver Domes with Cables, Rechargeable Batteries, and Power Supplies.


Includes: two Pendant / Handheld Transmitters, Charging Station, Receiver/Amplifier, two IR Receiver Domes with Cables, Rechargeable Batteries, Power Supplies, four Atlas Sound SD72W Loudspeakers, four 81-8 Tile Bridges, four CS95-8 Enclosures and 100’ of plenum rated 18/2 speaker cable. Loudspeaker system is UL Listed for use in air handling (plenum) spaces per UL2043 standard.

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